What is Recreationalsalvage.com?
TS Recreational Inc. / Recreationalsalvage.com is a live public auction where members can bid on recreational items that have been identified as total losses by insurance companies, theft recoveries, repossessions and/or contract sales.

Do I have to be a dealer to register?
No. Members can be dealers or private parties. Dealers will be required to provide additional information.

What do I need to do to bid on an item?
First, you need to register on the Register Page. Follow the instructions there and verify once you have submitted.

What are your policies for auctions, payment and pick-up?
Please read the User Agreement and Emails.

How soon can I bid once I've registered?
Soon after registering you will receive a verification code that you will need to copy into the verify account page. Once completing this action you will be ready to place bids.

I forgot my username and/or password, how can I retrieve them?
Send Recreationalsalvage.com an email through the Login Page where it says "Forgot your Username?"

Can I change my password and or other account information?
Yes. Please go to MyPage once logged in and click on the Account Details tab and then you will see a list of options for changing your account on the right side.

Does Recreationalsalvage.com sell parts?
No. We only sell the whole item "as is."

Can items be bought outright?
No. All items are ran through the website except new trailers, docks and lifts, which can be purchased through TS Dock & Lift.

How often do you hold auctions?
Online auctions will begin on the first Monday of the month in February, March, July, August, September, and October. Auctions may include items from any or all categories, depending on supply.

How does the auction system work?
Recreationalsalvage.com uses a proxy bidding system. This system allows you to place a maximum bid amount that is kept confidential from other bidders and only increases bid amounts when you have been outbid. The system will bid up to your maximum amount and then you will be emailed if the bid amount exceeds your max. However, if no other bidder has a greater maximum, you will be the winning bidder.

Do you send out outbid notifications?
Yes. An email will be sent every time you are outbid. Please keep in mind that at the end of the auction these notifications may not come in time before the auction closes. It is a good idea to be available to view the auction closing to ensure that you get a chance to bid.

How do I know if I am the winning bidder?
You will be notified via email immediately after the auction for the item closes. You will also have exact sales totals provided shortly after the auction for the item closes. Remember, Recreationalsalvage.com has no buyer's fees but is required to collect Minnesota tax in most situations.

Why do you require a credit card?
We require a credit card to ensure legitimate bidders. We won't charge anything to your card unless you fail to pay for an item. At this time you will be charged the $500 relist fee. CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR PAYMENT OF A UNIT! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Payment forms accepted.
We accept bank wires (preferred) and cash ONLY! No Bank drafts or cashier's checks. No personal checks. No credit cards. No money orders. No travelers checks.

Bank Wires!!!                                                                                                                                                                                    It’s been brought to our attention that on “some” money wires there is a middle bank that processes the wire transaction, this bank takes a fee of $15 to $30 out of your total money wire so when we receive the money in our account it is short that amount.  In this case the buyer will owe us the shorted amount at the time of pickup of the item.  This is the bank taking this fee, NOT US!!  Please contact your bank if you have any questions on this.

When do the auctions close?                                                                                                                                                      Each individual item has its own posted closing date and time. If no bids are placed within the last five minutes of the auction, the auction will close on time. However, if a bid is placed in the last five minutes, then the auction is extended five minutes from the time the last bid was placed. If the item is posted to close at 12:00 noon and a bid comes in at 11:59 am, then the auction will remain open till 12:04 pm and so on as bids are placed.

I bid on an item but it closed, how could I see what the item went for?
The only way you can view what an item sold for is to track it in your watch list. The item will still be available to view there for 24 hours after the auction closed. After that time period, the amount will no longer be disclosed.

Do items have a reserve price or minimum bid?
Occasionally, units may be subject to a reserve by the seller. In most cases, Recreationalsalvage.com isn't the seller. If an item doesn't meet reserve, it will be offered to the high bidder for the reserve amount or relisted at a later date.

I know an item received bids on an earlier listing and now it is up for auction again. Why?
Occasionally, the insurance companies expect a greater return out of an item. In that case, the item is relisted and often times will have a reserve removed or reduced. Items do not always sell – even on a second listing.

Do I pay sales tax if I am out of state/country?
Yes. All items are subject to MN 6.875% sales tax with the exception if it goes down the highway such as trailers, motor homes, motorcycles, etc.

Minnesota Taxes?
MN residents are required to pay the MN sales tax on all items.

Dealer Tax Requirements
Dealers will need to provide dealer's license and sales tax exemption forms. Canadian dealers need to have a Minnesota sales tax ID number (that is very easy to obtain). A drivers license number is not an accepted form of tax exemption identification for Canadian bidders.

Are there any other fees to consider before bidding?
Recreationalsalvage.com has no bidders or buyers fees. However, if you are a MN resident, registration, document and transfers fees are charged just like any other dealer. Document fees are $50 per item, so if you buy a boat on a trailer, you will pay $100 in document fees. We do handle all of the paperwork for MN residents so no waiting in line at the DMV!

Trying to save a marriage: won an item but can't afford it, had a family emergency? What can I do?
We understand that sometimes “life happens,” so we do offer the means for a winning bidder to back out. The only way you can back out of a winning bid is to pay the $500 non-refundable relist fee. This fee will also be applied in the event that you fail to pay for the item in the allotted time. Also, even if you cancel your credit card that $500 will remain on your account until paid. If you still fail to fulfill the terms, you will be sent to collections. Placing a bid is a contract, so please be sure before you place a bid. This is all to ensure fair bidding for all buyers.

Can I pick up the item myself?
Yes. We encourage individuals, if it is at all possible, to pickup items themselves due to expensive shipping costs, additional paperwork and the fact that we want all buyers to be able to inspect the item before signing off on the paperwork.

Do I get to inspect the unit before purchase?
Yes. We encourage anyone to come and inspect units before listing or during the auction. We don't allow starting or running of the unit in advance by our customers. We do allow winning bidders to inspect items before pick-up to ensure accurate descriptions. If an item isn't described accurately, we do allow the winning bidder to back out. Recreationalsalvage.com will determine if the customer is allowed to back out. We strive to have very accurate descriptions! We have been told by many successful bidders that we have the best descriptions in the state!

When does the item need to paid for and picked up?
The item needs to be paid for within 5 business days by bank money wire or cash ONLY! No credit cards, personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders or travelers checks. The item needs to be picked up within 14 business days! After that you will be charged $5.00 per day for storage!

If the item isn't paid for in five-business days, then the $500 fee will be applied to your card. You will then be allowed a maximum of up to 14 business days to complete payment. Otherwise, the $500 fee is forfeited. Winning bidders will be allowed a maximum of up to 14 business days to pick-up the unit before a $5 a day storage fee is applied. If you have additional questions or abnormal circumstance, please contact the main office before bidding.

When can I pick up an item?
You can pick up an item during our normal business hours at least one half-hour before close. Hours vary throughout the year. Please check the Contact Us page to see current hours. We also require 24 hours notice before an item is picked up, so please send us an email or call with your desired pick up time.

What do I need to pickup the item?
Payment, unless already sent previously. Vehicle, trailer, straps and covers to secure the load. We don't allow any dumping or parting out of the unit at our facilities. If you are unsure of the load, please contact our main office and they can assist in selling you the right trailer for the load or make recommendations for what would be the best means.

Will you help me load?
Yes. We have staff and equipment on hand to assist in loading. Our staff will assist for the first 15 minutes free of charge. After that, it will be a $25 charge per 15 minutes and per employee. Our equipment can load most pontoons under 22' and boats under 18' without any additional fees. If you have questions regarding loading, please contact our main office. Recreationalsalvage.com is not liable for damage occurring during loading. Recreational Salvage will not strap down any load!

Do you ship items?
Yes, but we strongly encourage you to pick up your own unit if at all possible. The shipping must be set up yourself, however we will provide you with all necessary paperwork for the shipping process. We don't provide shipping estimates.

Do you crate or pallet items?
Yes, but we strongly encourage that you find a shipper that will take it as is. Our crate/pallet rate is $65 per man per hour to build a crate, plus materials and a 15% material fee.

How expensive is shipping?
Expensive. Generally, the cost of packaging and shipping far outweighs what it will cost to come and get it yourself.

Paperwork Terms

Bill of Sale -Bill of sale invoice is provided with every item in addition to any title, registration or transfer paperwork. This proves that you have purchased an item from TS Recreational Inc. If an item will only have a bill of sale, that will be disclosed in the description and no other forms of paperwork will be provided. This is common with "parts only units." Canadians should check with the border for import information.

Clear Title – Form of paperwork associated with a unit that will not and has not been tagged with a Salvage/Junk title. Canadians should check with the border for import information.

DNR Card – Similar to a registration card but is used for transfer of ownership without a title. Items that have a DNR card are non-titled units. This card is good for transfer of ownership in all states and Canada. Canadians should check with the border for import information.

Registration Card - Similar to a DNR card but is used for transfer of ownership. Items that have a Registration card may be titled as well. Canadians should check with the border for import information.

Document fees – We do charge a $50 per unit document fee to all Minnesota residents for all titled or registered items. This fee covers our time of doing the paperwork and taking it to the DMV for you, this is required by the state of Minnesota for all licensed dealers. If you purchase a boat on a trailer, you will pay two document fees since it is two items. Licensed dealers are exempt to these fees as long as Recreational Salvage is not doing the title transferring for the dealer.

Flood – Tagged with this marking when the unit has had water damage. Once a title has been branded flood it will always carry that designation from state to state. Canadians should check with the border for import information.

Junk Title – A junk title makes the unit un-register able for road use in any state. These items are usually only good for parts. Canadians should check with the border for import information.

Salvage Title - A Salvage title means that the item has been marked or tagged as salvage on the title. In Minnesota this means that you will have to have the item inspected before the title will be sent out by the state. Canadians should check with the border for import information.

Canadians - We have had thousands of customers import thousands of items into Canada. However, when in doubt, we always recommend that you contact your border crossing to answer any specific questions. If they are requiring a safety recall letter, you will want to get that from the manufacturer of the unit.

Canadian residents will need to have the paperwork to the border 72 hours in advance when importing ATV's, bikes and snowmobiles. All other items do not need paperwork sent in advance. We will email all copies of the paperwork after the item closes. This email will include all info that you need to provide to the border crossing in advance.

All Canadian businesses must obtain a Minnesota sales tax ID number. This is very easy to obtain online. This is how it's explained right from the state of Minnesota: Minnesota Statute 297A.72. A Canadian business must provide a fully completed exemption certificate, Form ST3, and must provide one of the following on the form in order to purchase exempt:

  1. Minnesota Tax ID number, or
  2. a tax ID number from one of the other 49 states, or
  3. a federal identification number (FEIN) issued by the Internal Revenue Service.

The Canada issued business number is not an acceptable number on the exemption certificate when purchasing exempt from Minnesota sales tax. The Canada issued number may be commonly referred to as a goods and services tax ID number (GST), provincial sales tax ID number (PST) or harmonized sales tax ID number (HST).